This net now meets on the second Monday of each month at 7:00 pm Mountain time. 

This net will hopefully be a place that Colorado hams can ask questions of ARRL leadership, request help, guidance, club support and technical support.  This can also be a place where Colorado hams can ask why is the ARRL important and why should I join? We are using NetLogger and you are welcome to follow along on line as we take check ins.

The Colorado ARRL Section Statewide net is now heard on the following repeater systems (in no particular order) the WE0FUN FunMachines See the link for their analog UHF repeaters and various digital access modes Here The Rocky Mountain Ham Radio DMR system’s Rocky Mountain Wide Talk Group 700 See their link Here The Colorado Connection VHF Repeater System See their link Here. Northern Colorado Amateur Radio Club Buckhorn Repeaters See their Link Here and the Mountain Amateur Radio Club Repeaters See their Link Here

WE0FUN also provides various other paths into the net via computer and digital modes Echolink, DStar, YSF, NXDN, P25, DMR and M17.

The digital reflectors are as follows:

Allstar – Node 28368
Echolink – *CANONCTY* 363976
DStar – XRF815B, XLX815B, DCS815B or REF815B
TGIF – DMR 815
Brandmeister DMR – 310815
YSF – US CO WE0FUN 53927
P25 – Talkgroup 10209
NXDN – Talkgroup 31081
M17 – 815B