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Taking an FCC Exam

When you are ready to take an exam, contact the exam session team. This is important to make sure that the exam session date, location or fee has not changed.

Review the list of what to bring at and make sure you bring all that’s listed.

Please obtain an FRN (FCC Registration Number) before the exam.
Go to:

The FRN is a public ID number not tied to any sensitive data (we will accept your SSN if you do not have a FRN, but in this era of identity theft, we really don’t want your SSN).

As of this writing, the ARRL test fee is $15. Consider bringing two test fees. If you don’t pass on the first try you can, if you wish, you can pay a second fee and try again. If you pass a technician or general exam, you can take the next higher exam at no additional fee.

Most hamfests have exam sessions, too (search by state):


Become a Volunteer Examiner

Help people in your community earn their first ham radio license or upgrade by becoming a Volunteer Examiner (VE). Little else offers the same satisfaction of shaking the hand of a person who just joined the exciting world of ham radio. Click here for information on joining the ARRL-VEC.

Volunteer Examiner Resources

Already a VE? Thank you for your service. Click here for an abundance of resources to help make your job easier.


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